Our Thinking
Be memorable. Being great is about taking risks and staying innovative.

BRANDHAUS is a Strategic Brand Integration + Activation firm, specializing in Health and Technology Brand development.

We align with with other best-in-class teams to create effective strategic campaigns, advertising and deployment.

Powerhouse brands today take on their own voice. They stand for something, and encourage stakeholders and consumers to rally around them. We create experiences, products, platforms, and content that help brands build meaningful relationships with consumers.

Our inspiration and our intrigue comes from the Bauhaus style born to Germany in 1919. This minimalistic yet sophisticated style is brought to life in our work. brandhaus is a full-service marketing, brand and visual communication studio. We are the catalyst behind every strategic plan. Every marketing dollar spent should grow business and yield return on investment. Our primary focus is brand development, a core element in any organization. From individual advertising and marketing campaigns to total brand identities, our job is to get a reaction. By defining your organization, your beliefs, your values and what you fight for, we develop a strong and compelling brand identity that is a unique extension of who you are.

The core of BRANDHAUS is passion for design, and beauty in aesthetics. Anything can be unique, but it’s the values and beliefs behind it that makes it relevant and stand for something. We serve as brand ambassadors for every client we work with.

Our Capabilities
Engaging consumers where they live, work and play.

We like to cause a stir. We develop campaigns and brands that connect with your consumers and get a reaction. We connect with your audience across all channels to make them think of you first, and like you best. From the initial discovery stage to the launch and measurement stage, we develop the story of your brand. We dig deep and work with you to launch brand values, value proposition and positioning to consumers. Brands are living organisms and are most powerful when they take on their own voice, and make the connection with your consumers.

Our Expertise
Think. Discover. Create. Our passion is at the heart of everything we do.

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