An online referral list of Uber’s recently laid off marketers reveals its cuts

By August 2, 2019Advertising

This past Monday, Uber shocked the industry with the news it was cutting about 400 marketing employees—a third of its global marketing department. Now the marketing community is rallying together to help those individuals land on their feet. 

A list of the majority of marketers Uber laid off is circulating online, helping many connect with recruiters. 

The list also reveals details into Uber’s marketing cuts. The list has categorized information on each employee’s role while at Uber, the total number of years they spent there, where they were located, whether they are open for relocation and their LinkedIn bios. There’s also space for each person to place a link to their resume.

The layoffs span across countries—with the majority of employees who were laid off coming from Uber’s San Francisco office. Other concentrated areas seem to be New York City, Los Angeles, São Paulo, Brazil and Mexico City, but roles in areas as far as Pakistan, India and Egypt were also cut. The positions these marketers held were mostly manager roles, with 100 of the 318 people on the list having the title of “marketing manager.” Others titles include: 25 people with “designer” in their title, 24 people with “coordinator” in their title, and 21 people with “strategist” in their title. 

The creator of the list is Michael Houck. Houck, now a product manager at Airbnb Plus, had been a product analytics lead at Uber Eats from 2016 to 2018, and so knew a lot of the people who had been laid off. He told Ad Age he wanted to help their situation in any way he could. He first posted to LinkedIn, sharing his help, but quickly received too many replies for him to reach out to everyone individually, so he sent out a Google Sheet listing the people who were now looking for work so that they could connect with recruiters, with a tab for recruiters to share their open roles. 

Houck says each person on the list volunteered their names and titles. “They just added themselves. I haven’t added anyone,” he says. “It really just grew organically. Same with the job postings.”

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