Our approach

BRANDHAUS is a Strategic Brand Integration + Activation firm, specializing in Health and Technology Brand development.

Since 2007, we have aligned with with other best-in-class teams to create effective strategic campaigns, advertising and deployment.

Powerhouse brands today take on their own voice. They stand for something, and encourage stakeholders and consumers to rally around them. We create experiences, products, platforms, and content that help brands build meaningful relationships with consumers.

Being memorable is about taking risks and staying innovative.

Our process


Together with Conversiv’s Executive Brand Counsel, our unique Brandialog brings together company leadership to contribute to this innovative brand alignment process. The proprietary matrix analyzes 32 marketing checkpoints between leadership, management, employees and brand. The deliverable is a strategic alignment map to increase the value of the company brand.

Brand Alignment®

Our proprietary Brand Alignment process clarifies the organization’s brand heritage, values and attributes. This interactive dialog addresses each of the brand assets today and tomorrow. Defining the 25 attributes that delineate an organization’s brand, the deliverable culminates in a published Brand Asset Management System.


Our proprietary Brandeploy process delivers unique marketing segmentation, resulting in a clarity that defines the organization’s vision, purpose, mission, and obstacles. Building upon this foundational understanding, we create an integrated Go-To-Market (G2M) plan complete with goals, strategies, tactics and investment.

Our thinking


We like to cause a stir. We develop campaigns and brands that connect with your consumers and get a reaction. We connect with your audience across all channels to make them think of you first, and like you best. From the initial discovery stage to the launch and measurement stage, we develop the story of your brand. We dig deep and work with you to launch brand values, value proposition and positioning to consumers. Brands are living organisms and are most powerful when they take on their own voice, and make the connection with your consumers.


We don’t always have the time, but we have the heart. We believe in giving back. We choose at least one organization to help with their brand each year, as well as particular projects that need that extra special “wow” factor. Some of the charities we have worked with are Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada, Par for the Cure Breast Cancer Tournament, Ronald McDonald Fieldhouse, and SkyWarriors Jump at Life for young adults with terminal illness. Helping others is one of the core fundamental elements here.


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