Imported Luxembourg beer puts nude people in ads to plug natural ingredients: Marketer's Brief

By August 28, 2019Advertising

The ad is part of a larger campaign that targets White Claw with videos showing people taking lie-detector tests. Participants are offered $1,000 if they can prove they like White Claw’s “Pure” variety more, without lying. And, you guessed it, the brand says, “out of the 50 polygraphed, only four people were able to show that they honestly prefer White Claw Pure.”

The campaign is by Weber Shandwick’s  3PM, with the brewer’s in-house shop, Draftline, lending post-production editing support.

Of course, Bud Light will be doing plenty of NFL advertising, including trying to capitalize on last year’s “victory fridge” viral hit, which involved unlocking beer-stocked refrigerators in Cleveland bars after the long-struggling Browns got their first win.

This season, the brand is putting the fridges up for sale at  “B.L. & Brown’s Appliance Superstore” in Cleveland, which will be open from Sept. 3-4. Proceeds to go the “Browns Give Back” charity. To plug the store, Bud Light will run an ad on Cleveland TV starring WWE personality, The Miz.

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