a modern touch to helping children battle cancer

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The Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation brand is one of our favorite projects. We worked with their board of directors, donors, staff, and took them through our brand process. The resulting artwork shows a strong passion for the fight against childhood cancer.


Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada (Candlelighters) was chartered in 1978 by two families, each of whom had a child being treated for cancer. With little to no resources to help them navigate the world of childhood cancer, they came together to create a network of support for families affected by the disease. They believed that families could find strength, knowledge, and comfort by banding together during their most difficult times. They wanted to use their experience to lessen the burden of those they knew would follow. Since that time, thousands of children in Nevada have been diagnosed with cancer.

Today, Candlelighters maintains a full-time office with professional staff focusing on three main areas of support: emotionalquality of life, and financial assistance.

Candlelighters serves approximately 125 families monthly and as many as 600 children (both siblings and diagnosed children) throughout the year.

A child diagnosed with cancer being treated in Nevada is the only requirement to become a Candlelighters Family. All programs and services are provided at no cost to the families.


The minimalist and bold mark creates a focus on the represented children

brand campaign

We used our proven and proprietary brand workshop to define Candlelighter’s core values, brand story, mission statement and manifesto to coincide with new artwork featuring the children battling cancer.


A fresh new website was designed and programmed to reflect the new brand. To keep costs down, their staff is able to login to the backend and revise the site with new events and content.

the riders initiative

BRANDHAUS led the creative force behind their Riders for Candlelighters Kids fundraising initiative. Together they have raised over $75,000 in 2014 for their annual 100-mile charity ride. All proceeds and donations go directly to Nevada families and the organization.