the healthy fight

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Fighting For What We Believe In.
The ADDY award winning “Healthy Fight” brand theme for the Health Plan of San Mateo (HPSM) stands for the positive and ongoing vision of HPSM – that “healthy is for everyone.” The passion for and dedication to this fight touches everyone who plays a part in it – from real members and real providers to real employees who fight the fight every day within the corporate walls of HPSM.


The Health Plan of San Mateo is a local, non-profit County Organized Health System (COHS) that manages medical and support services for Medi-Cal eligible residents and other vulnerable populations in San Mateo County. They currently serve more than 145,000 County residents.

The brand is about innovation and change. It is about improving the quality of life for those who live in San Mateo County. We were asked to execute The Healthy Fight in a variety of mediums to convey that message.


At HPSM, they fight every day, in every way, to bring a better quality of life to the people in their community. Whether it is advocating for expanded care for the underserved, improving processes for providers, or providing personal assistance to their members—we believe that healthy is for everyone.

And we fight to make that possible. For you.

This commitment we call the Healthy Fight, and it’s our daily focus. It’s in how we serve our members. It’s in how we reach out to the doctors in San Mateo County.

It’s in the hearts and on the minds of each and every staff member. It was our objective to reach every touch point possible to raise awareness.


From OOH to annual reports, we executed The Healthy Fight in a number of different ways. It was built to reach all touch points of the consumer.  in-house materials also took the shape of the campaign. The Healthy Fight was a huge success, awarded a Gold Addy for Brand Campaign.


The bold mark represents stability, action, and creativity. It is the powerful rally cry behind “The Healthy Fight” that unites San Mateo together.

faces of The Healthy Fight

The photography direction executes a powerful and defiant look, showing real people who fight every day for their own health, or the health of their patients. Photographic style reflects a confident and compelling look on the faces of members and physicians.