RPA’s Jason Sperling on graphic novels, choosing superpowers and a not-so-memorable introduction to Gerry Graf

By May 8, 2019Advertising

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Jason Sperling is SVP, chief, creative development at RPA, Honda’s longtime creative partner. The agency has created multiple memorable Super Bowl spots for the car brand and is responsible for the Farmers Insurance campaign starring J.K. Simmons. Sperling was also one of the creatives behind the fan-favorite “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ads for Apple that featured Justin Long and John Hodgman as rival computers, and he went all-in on the Ice Bucket Challenge.

On episode 7 of the “Ad Block” podcast, Sperling talks about his affinity for graphic novels, comic books and trade paperbacks. In advertising “these days, there’s absolutely no shame in saying, ‘I love Star Wars, I love Battlestar Galactica,’” he says. “And of course, comic books—in some ways they’re saving cinema.”

He also recommends science fiction titles, picks a superpower and tells a story about his first meeting with Gerry Graf.

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