Turning around a ‘climate crisis’: B-to-B CMO spotlight

By June 11, 2019Advertising

What is your overall media strategy?  
The integrated global marketing campaign launches on social, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat as well as digital display and video placements, email, OOH—and is further supported via grass root marketing in surf centric regions, where we will host #StopTrashingWaves paddle outs on International Surfing Day (June 15). In addition, many brands and influencers who partner with the WSL offered to participate and amplify the campaign. Key markets are the U.S, Australia, Brazil, France and Portugal.  This is similar to our women’s initiative, and we just took it to the next level.
Are your partners activating against this idea?  
Our partners have been great, and they are helping spread the word by donating ad space, supporting via social and reaching out to their influencers and some are helping to organize paddle outs for June 15. We have received a tremendous amount of support and other surfing organizations inspired to also eliminate single serve plastics.  
How will you be measuring success?
There are a couple of ways we are measuring success. The first is reaching a certain amount of people with our commitments, and it’s being measured via social and news. The second is checking ourselves at the end of the year on our single-serve plastic, carbon offset and the projects we funded to help make places better than before.  
I read that surfing will be an Olympic Sport in 2020. I imagine that will give a huge boost to the sport, right?
We are very excited that surfing will make its Olympic debut in 2020. It’s a fantastic opportunity to grow the sport and to bring it to the global stage. Particularly for our athletes, who are the best surfers in the world, taking part in an Olympic Games is an incredible opportunity to build their profiles. I think surfing will bring a lot to the Olympics—it appeals to a young demographic; it’s cool; it’s aspirational; it has this amazing connection with nature and ocean conversation.

The 2019 Championship Tour (CT) is the primary qualification avenue for Tokyo 2020, and I know our athletes are incredibly excited about the opportunity to compete in the Games. Olympic selection really raises the stakes for the CT this year.

Finally, you’re a marketer who became a CEO. Can you talk about how your experience as a marketer makes you a better CEO?
Understanding brands and consumers, plus how to grow an audience has been invaluable. The mindset of a marketer is to always be thinking about how you can better engage and service consumers and fans, and this is essential to help us an organization make the best decisions for the WSL. Our fans are extremely passionate, and we are always looking into ways to help give them the content they crave. For example, we are about to launch a new daily news show, and it’s filled with info and tidbits surf fans can really appreciate.

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