Watch Colbert explain the government shutdown with the help of 15 beer brands

By January 9, 2019Advertising

On Tuesday night’s “Late Show,” Stephen Colbert helpfully explained the current U.S. government shutdown with the help of beer—a conceit inspired by a news item: “The government shutdown is holding new craft beers hostage,” per Business Insider (“breweries can’t get labels approved for new beers”).

Colbert has done this kind of skit—in which he shoehorns a bunch of brand names into a short monologue—before. But somehow the deployment of, specifically, beer brands (just when many of us could really use a drink) makes it extra hilarious. Anyway, shout-out to Miller High Life, Schlitz, Amstel Light, Guinness, Heineken, Modelo, Yuengling, Blue Moon, Busch, Busch Light, Natural Light, Samuel Adams, Bass, Coors and Stella Artois. Plus a certain made-up beer brand called “Mueller.”

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