Brand Workshop
If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? Hell no.

Just like having your creative without a strategic plan behind it, it won’t produce ROI.

We provide the heart of your brand with strategic backing, so your creative execution has a purpose.

Our workshops consist of identifying the core of your brand through a series of exercises we engage you in over the course of two days. We then take the information with us, where we break it down into your key elements: Mission, Vision, Purpose, and color pallete and tagline.

Brandhaus is different in that we do branding how it should be done, putting the horse before the carriage. Today, so many organizations are reactive to their market. We walk you through the necessary processes to reach key objectives and goals. Think of companies such as Apple. They are leaders in their industry. Just as you should be.

We specialize in IT and healthcare industries. We have been working with healthcare brands such as Dignity Health and Columbus Regional Health since 2007. Our IT portfolio consists of companies such as HP, Avnet, and P & G.