WW’s new color-coded program divides the community, critics say

By November 11, 2019Advertising

WW, previously Weight Watchers, has a new program designed to give more options to members, with tailored plans serving three distinct WW communities. While members are generally excited for the plans, some are saying the program is dividing the current community, which has always been an important part of WW’s brand.

The new program, called “myWW,” requires members to take personal assessments that match them to one of three color-coded plans (green, blue or purple) which are meant to work best for their specific needs and routines. The assessment asks questions like: “What type of meals are you interested in?” “When are you most likely to get a little off-track?” and “How important is activity to you?” 

New members have to stick to the plan that is chosen for them, while current members can choose which color plan to follow. Each plan includes a number of points with select foods that don’t count towards points. Members who fall under the new “purple plan” for instance, can now eat wholewheat pasta, brown rice and potatoes, which have cost points in the past. 

One WW member, who requested anonymity and began the program eight weeks ago, says WW’s “Connect” community platform in the WW app—where the company’s 4.4 million members can share their improvements, follow coaches (WW ambassadors) and pick up tips and advice for sticking to their plans—has undergone a drastic change from when they started. 

This person says that the Connect community has always been an “open, welcoming space,” but this morning, they logged into a “full-on throwdown.” Purple, green and blue hearts are flooding comments and people are launching Facebook Groups for each color.  

“People have chosen sides, picked their colored emojis for their profiles, teamed up and drawn lines in the sand,” this person says. “Connect used to be a place that brought everyone together and now it seems the opposite. It’s a bummer. It’s DISConnect today.” WW did not provide a comment. 

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